TRAVEL: World-wide

EVENTS: Corporate Events, Special Events, Weddings, Grand Openings, Clubs, Casinos


AERIAL CHAMPAGNE BARTENDERS, also referred to as Aerial Champagne Pourers, Champagne Aerialists, Aerial Champagne Girls, Champagne Bartenders, Aerial Bartenders, etc.

Gorgeous female aerialists serving champagne while hanging from a trapeze bar above the heads of your event's guests! Add a unique touch of glamour to any event. Performing various length performance sets, these beautiful artists demonstrate breathtaking aerial skills as they serve your guests champagne, wine or other exotic drinks. Their grace, stamina and scintillating presence will entertain your guests at any corporate event, special event, wedding, fashion show, award night, product launch, grand opening, or even just fun private events or VIP engagements.

The trapeze rigging can be hung from existing ceiling grids or we can provide free-standing rigging from the floor. So, if you are concerned about fixing the aerial equipment to your venue, or are hosting an outdoor event, ask us about our freestanding rigs. We have a selection available, from large to small, which make aerial acts, and particularly aerial champagne pouring, possible in just about any location.

Hire between 1 and a whole troupe of aerialists to dangle elegantly above your guests, pouring drinks whilst also pausing to show off stunning moves.

Event host to provide the drinks and drink glasses.