MICHAEL is one of the funniest comedy jugglers on the planet!

Michael has the distinct honor of being the comedy juggler, for the past 19 years, in the LANCE BURTON Show at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas!

Michael also has the distinct honor of being the Executive Producer and writer of the hit TV Show: "BULLSHIT" Starring PENN & TELLER!

Should your event need a brilliant, funny and clever juggler, look no further than Michael The COMEDY JUGGLER!


TRAVEL: World-wide: Needs 1 r/t air and 1 hotel room

EVENTS: Corporate; Special Events; Trade Shows; Industrials; Cruise Ships; TV; Variety Shows; Etc.

Michael's comedy juggling stage act can vary in length, up to a maximum of 60-minutes. It includes comedy juggling of unique various objects, including chain saws, apples, eggs, riding a 6' foot unicycle while juggling fire torches (fire is optional) and hilarious audience participation.